Welcome to Euroguard Insurance Company PCC Limited (“Euroguard”)

We’re a leading protected cell company, positioned in Gibraltar and licenced to write all classes of short-term insurance business, providing alternative risk financing facilities and cost-effective solutions to organisations.

We’re committed to providing our clients with effective ways to reduce risk and represent an excellent option when considering the implementation of a formalised risk finance solution.

Important Announcement

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A “Protected Cell Captive” company is a niche insurance company owned and controlled by the sponsoring or core capital provider, which operates insulated insurance cells.



We pride ourselves on being able to provide a level of control and protection greater than that usually offered by similar captive facilities. This is demonstrated by our extensive experience in managing cell captive operations worldwide.



All underwriting profit generated by the protected cell is for the benefit of the cell owners and associated policyholders. The Protected Cell Shareholders Agreement demonstrates how this will be calculated.

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Why Euroguard

  • Underwriting profit: the insured can retain a portion of the underwriting profit that is usually kept by conventional insurers.
  • Investment income: the insured can retain a portion of the investment income that is usually kept by conventional insurers.
  • Lower administration costs: fees charged will depend upon the complexity and size of the specific insurance programme and volume of the premium.

Why Euroguard

  • Commercial certainties and protection are offered by way of a Protected Cell Shareholders Agreement with the cell owner retaining shareholder rights over their net assets.
  • Where appropriate, each structured programme is protected by reinsurance purchased from secure markets.
  • Premiums in the conventional market follow a cyclical pattern. A Euroguard protected cell captive solution can assist in smoothing these fluctuations.
  • Quarterly financial reporting including a balance sheet, income statement and notes thereto.

Why Euroguard

  • Portability of insurance programmes into and out of the facility, should corporate or statutory environments change.
  • Provision of capacity for difficult to insure or uninsurable risks.
  • Legal segregation of funds: premiums paid to Euroguard can only be withdrawn in two ways, i.e. via claims payments or dividends based on underwriting performance and are secure from other liabilities not pertaining to your specific protected cell.