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Euroguard has no links to the lottery scam

Members of the public have brought it to the attention of Euroguard that there are individuals who are providing fraudulent insurance guarantees or certificates, purportedly issued by Euroguard, to unsuspecting members of the public as a guarantee to their lottery winnings. We have also been advised that these are not isolated incidents and that there is a 419-type scam currently doing the rounds. Most of the scams involve fraudulent business proposals, transfer of lottery wins and lucrative currency conversion deals. The scam syndicates employ several fraudulent means to convince you that the offer they are making is genuine and that the financial benefits are worth making payments upfront.

We confirm that Euroguard has not issued any insurance certificates or bonds in this regard. We therefore recommend that you exercise caution, especially when requested to provide or disclose your personal or bank details. The matter has been referred to the relevant authorities.

If you have incurred any financial loss as a result of this scam, or require further information, we suggest you contact the relevant authorities in your jurisdiction. South Africans can contact the Commercial Unit of the South African Police Services on (+27) 12 309-3866 (T), (+27) 12 309-3003/4 (F) or e-mail: